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Proposing A Smarter Low Carbon Future

Posted on March 2, 2010

Cogen Europe commented on a recent report commissioned by the Combined Heat and Power Association (CHPA) that any route to a low carbon future brings major challenges. The report found critical challenges in the current "all electric" approach to decarbonization of the U.K. energy system as this would increase dependence on the electricity system, according to the report, to unprecedented levels.

Scenarios for a 2050 energy system anticipate that electricity will increasingly be used to meet energy needs for transport and heating. The report outlines that such a transition could result in a doubling of peak electricity demand.

A system that makes greater use of cogeneration and district heating can, however, mitigate many of the more demanding aspects of the "all electric" approach. Used in combination with biomass and carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology for fossil fuels, cogeneration and district heating infrastructure have a key role to play up to 2050 and beyond.

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