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MAN Uprates L23/30H Engine

Posted on March 16, 2012

MAN Diesel & Turbo is uprating its L23/30H engine, a move that comes in connection with the strategic, internal transfer of responsibility for Holeby GenSets from its medium-speed to low-speed organization.

MAN will uprate the unit by just under 10% of current values, the company said. The move dispenses with the need to apply for a new type approval.

The adjusted figures for the L23/30H engine are as follows: an unchanged rated speed of 720/750/900 r/min; a rating per cylinder from 130/135/160 kW to 142/148/175 kW; a mean effective pressure from 18.2/18.1/17.9 bar to 19.9/19.8/19.6 bar; a maximum firing pressure from 130/130/135 bar to 145/145/150 bar; a calculated SFOC from 193/193/195 g/kW to 191/191/193 g/kW; a turbocharger that alters from NR/R to TCR; and a frame material that alters from a GG30 to a GGG40.

The L23/30H Mk. 2 will be matched to meet Tier 2 emission requirements. MAN Diesel & Turbo said all documentation on the Mk. 2 version has been released. The 5L23/30H generator set will remain available with 130 kW per cylinder at 720 and 750 r/min, the company said.

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