Siemens Signs Multiple Agreements In Germany

Company to provide service and maintenance for gas and steam turbines

Posted on May 23, 2013

Siemens Energy has been awarded contracts at five power and industrial plants in Germany. The company said these service agreements will help improve the efficiency, reliability and availability of the facilities.

Siemens will perform service and maintenance for the gas turbines at Stadtwerke Flensburg GmbH's cogeneration plant in Flensburg; Stadtwerke Bochum Holding GmbH's combined heat and power plant in Bochum Hiltrop; SWE Energie GmbH's Erfurt power facility; UPM's pulp & paper facility in Schongau; and Stadtwerke Würzburg's cogeneration plant in Würzburg. Together, these plants provide Germany's residents and industry with cleaner power generated by highly efficient gas and steam turbines, Siemens said.

Siemens' service agreement with Stadtwerke Flensburg GmbH covers long-term service and maintenance for a new SGT-800 gas turbine generator set. At both Stadwerke Bochum Holding's plant in Bochum Hiltrop and SWE Energie's new combined-cycle plant in Erfurt, long-term programs (LTP) have been signed for the SGT-700 gas turbines.

Long-term maintenance will also be provided to UPM for its SGT-800 gas turbine located at its pulp and paper facility in Schongau. Additionally, the long-term service agreement for the maintenance of the SGT-800 gas turbine in Stadtwerke Würzburg's cogeneration plant has been extended by 10 years.