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Clark Reliance Develops New Serial Filtration Technology

Posted on November 12, 2009

Clark Reliance has developed a proprietary layering of filtration media used to produce a natural gas filtration element that delivers longer life and improved performance. The "Gas Sentinel Filter Element", featuring select serial filtration technology, helps eliminate troublesome solids and liquids carryover.

The company reports that customers using these new elements have seen improved equipment performance and reduced maintenance costs. The proprietary pleat pack and the extended surface area handle high flow rates with improved dirt-holding capability to maximize the capture of black powder, iron oxides, salts, oil and liquid contaminants found in natural gas.

The new filter element products have been used to replace conventional graded density elements to protect gas pipeline compressors. Gas Sentinel filter elements are designed to increase overall solids handling while maintaining low differential pressure.

Clark Reliance has designed and built fuel gas conditioning systems for nearly 20 years. The Aftermarket and Elements Group is part of the Clark-Reliance Corporation.

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