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Siemens Introduces New Gas Turbine

Posted on November 18, 2010

Siemens has introduced its new 37 MW SGT-750 industrial gas turbine for power generation or mechanical drive applications.

The new gas turbine features a twin-shaft configuration with a mechanical drive efficiency of 40%. One focus on the design of the new turbine was maintenance. Siemens said required maintenance has been reduced to 17 days over a 17-year period. This was achieved by a faster gas generator exchange and easier borescope access.

The SGT-750 features a 13-stage axial compressor driven by a two-stage high-pressure turbine providing a pressure ratio of 24:1. For power generation applications, the free, two-stage power turbine runs at a speed of 6100 r/min. For mechanical drive applications the shaft speed is 3050 to 6405 r/min. The compressor turbine stages are cooled, while the power turbine is un-cooled.

The lubrication pumps are electric, but a mechanically driven pump is available as an option. The footprint of the SGT-750 gas turbine package is similar in dimensions and layout to that of the smaller SGT-700.

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