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Cummins Unveils Its Largest Diesel

Posted on November 7, 2011

Cummins has announced the development of the largest high speed engine in its history with the unveiling of a new 95 L engine for mobile mining, rail, marine and stationary applications. The new QSK95 has a top end rating of 4000 hp (2983 kW) and will be targeted toward mining, rail, marine, oil and gas and power gen applications. The QSK95 engine is a V16 and the company said V12 and V20 versions would follow with the largest, 120 L displacement QSK120 to reach 5000 hp ((3728 kW).

"Our new QSK95 represents a landmark in the evolution of the large high-speed diesel engine, designed with the power and durability to surpass all other high-speed engines while also challenging much larger and higher capital cost medium-speed engines," said Mark Levett, Cummins vice president and general manager - High-Horsepower Business. "We are excited to introduce the QSK95, as this is just the start of a new high-horsepower platform for both diesel and gas, covering 12, 16 and 20 cylinders. The gas engines will not be just a derivative of the diesel engines, but uniquely designed for gas. We will release more details about our gas product line during 2013."

While the QSK95 is an all-new platform, the engine incorporates systems and components from Cummins’ high- horsepower technology portfolio. These include a quad-turbocharger system designed to provide step-load acceptance and transient response with the simplicity of single-stage operation and a modular common rail fuel system that provides injection pressures as high as 31,900 psi (2200 bar) injection pressure.

Prototypes of the QSK95 will be available in 2013 with limited production commencing in 2014 and full production in 2015. Cummins said the QSK95 meets Tier 2 emissions standards for large engines and Tier 4 versions will incorporate Cummins SCR aftertreatment. Natural gas versions will follow, the company said. The QSK95 will also power the new C3000 Series generator set from Cummins Power Generation, offering a 3500 kW (3.5 MW) output.

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