Compact SCR Package

Lower cost, smaller space claim, lighter weight highlights of new system for stationery engines

Posted on January 23, 2013

Johnson Matthey’s Stationary Emissions Control (SEC) group, specializing in SCR catalyst and SCR systems for stationary diesel and gas engines, has developed the high-efficiency, compact Concat IC SCR System. The more compact package can be 30 to 40% less costly than a typical SCR system, yet offers the same NOx reduction performance, the company said.

Johnson Matthey said it has met the demand of industry, giving design engineers greater latitude in housing design, especially for installations where space is at a premium or simply not available.  

With the Concat IC SCR System, for the same NOx reduction performance as a typical system, as much as 70% smaller space claim and 50% less weight can be realized. The company said the system for diesel or natural gas engines is ideally suited for new projects or can be more easily retrofitted into existing installations.

Johnson Matthey said it has manufactured SCR catalysts and engineered SCR systems to reduce NOx from power equipment around the world. Its SCR catalysts have been successfully applied to reduce NOx from coal/oil/gas-fired boilers, biomass/waste boilers, incinerators, stationary diesel and natural gas engines, and marine diesel engines.