Siemens To Acquire LMS

Company will become first product life cycle management (PLM) software company to provide closed-loop, systems-driven product development solutions

Posted on November 14, 2012

Siemens expands its portfolio of industry software by acquiring LMS International NV – Leuven, Belgium – a leading provider of test and mechatronic simulation software including model-based systems engineering to the automotive, aerospace and other advanced manufacturing industries.

With this acquisition, Siemens will become the first PLM software company to provide a closed-loop, systems-driven product development solution extending all the way to integrated test management, the company said. The integrated solution will increase simulation accuracy, which improves decision making and enhances customers’ ability to design the product right the first time. The decision making process is underpinned by a deep and accurate virtual analysis linked to the physical world.

The company said that the manufacturing industry faces the significant challenge of efficiently developing the right products while mastering the growing complexity of next generation products. One aspect of this growing complexity is the rapid expansion of products integrating mechanical systems, electronics and software, referred to as mechatronic systems.

Siemens said its strategy is to unite the virtual and real worlds and integrate virtual product development with physical manufacturing. The complexity of today’s products demands a systems driven approach to product development. A key element of this approach is systems engineering, which requires the merging of the virtual and physical domains for product development.

“With the acquisition of LMS, we are expanding our portfolio of industry software in an area that is critical for many customers. They will now be able to simulate, test, optimize and produce their products in a unified, consistent data environment. This will make them faster, more efficient, more flexible and more cost-effective,” said Anton S. Huber, CEO of the Siemens’ Industry Automation Division.

“This acquisition will enhance our core competencies by adding model-based simulation, design, test and measurement capabilities to both the virtual design and physical test process,” said Chuck Grindstaff, CEO and president of Siemens' PLM Software Business Unit. “Integrating the full environment gives our customers the ability to bring together information from the logical model, physical model and functional model to refine and optimize designs and measure results, which transforms decision making in product development.”

“We will continue to focus on our core strength of test and mechatronic simulation,” said Urbain Vandeurzen, chairman and CEO of LMS. “In combination with the entire Siemens PLM Software portfolio, we plan to further expand our leading position in the automotive, aerospace and other advanced industries. We are confident that the strong market recognition of LMS’ engineering excellence will continue to be visible and to appeal to customers in all industries.”