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Johnson Matthey Offering EcoNOx Catalytic Converters

Posted on September 29, 2010

Johnson Matthey is offering newly designed EcoNOx three-way and two-way catalytic converters and converter silencers to reduce exhaust emissions and noise from any size stationary gas engine. The EcoNOx converters are designed for multiple new and retrofit applications, such as gas compression, power generation, irrigation, pumping, standby equipment and pump jacks.

EcoNOx converters can convert up to 99% of NOx, CO, HC, VOC and hazardous air pollutant (HAP) emissions from engines fueled with natural gas, diesel, LPG, dual or bio-fuels, said Johnson Matthey.

The company offers four different single or multi-element converters, which include the catalytic converter for 186 to 1490 kW engines, the mini catalytic converter for 37.3 to 373 kW engines, the Q converter silencer and the mini Q converter silencer.

The catalyst element at the heart of the EcoNOx converter is manufactured using highly dispersed platinum group metals (PGM). The metal monoliths that support the PGM are brazed, thin-walled, stainless steel honeycomb supports, which are nearly impervious to damage from mechanical or thermal shock and metallurgic erosion, according to the company.

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