Swiss marine power company WinGD has introduced an on-engine version of its iCER emissions reduction technology. The new variant can be installed without impacting the engine footprint.

The iCER (Intelligent Control by Exhaust Recycling) is to minimise emissions by regulating air and exhaust gas flow. By cooling and recirculating exhaust gas back to the engine, more emissions are combusted before they enter the atmosphere.

iCER is reported to be the first X-DF2.0 tech introduced to boost the emissions performance and efficiency of the dual-fuel X-DF two-stroke engine series. X-DF engines running LNG already offer a 20% reduction in GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions when compared to fuel oil. Adding the iCER system delivers a 50% reduction of methane slip in gas mode, returning a total GHG reduction of up 8% in gas mode (diesel, 6%).

The on-engine iCER offers advantages in engine testing, building and installation. The exhaust gas cooler and all exhaust gas flow control components are installed on the engine, delivering flexibility in engine housing design.

Dr. Rudolf Holtbecker, executive director of Operations, WinGD said: “The iCER technology is a vital component of our proven X-DF engine portfolio that has a clear role in supporting the marine industry’s transition to cleaner, greener fuels and reducing the carbon footprint of a vessel. This important addition to the choices in our X-DF2.0 portfolio extends the benefits to all shipyards and global engine builders with an improved arrangement and a production-friendly design for minimised manufacturing and installation costs.”

The iCER system will first be available on WinGD’s X72DF engines, widely used on the latest LNG carriers. Minimising methane slip (unburned methane in the engine) on LNG carriers delivers an added benefit to those operators using their cargo as fuel, maximising the delivered LNG. The tech will later be rolled out to other X-DF engines.

Both on- and off-engine iCER units deliver compliance with IMO Tier 3 NOx limits, whether using LNG or diesel.

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