MTU emergency gen-sets for Japanese hyperscale data center

Rolls-Royce announced it will supply a total of 31 mtu emergency generator sets and a complete mtu EnergetIQ control system for the latest data center of a global provider of hyperscale data center solutions – mission-critical facilities designed for scalability and with the ability to support thousands of individual servers. This latest facility, located near Osaka, Japan, has a designed capacity of 45.9 MW, making it one of the country’s largest.

mtu Series 4000 gen-set Based on 20-cylinder mtu Series 4000 engines, the container gen-sets include the engine with generator, a switchgear and all the necessary connections and supply systems. (Photo: Rolls-Royce)

Rolls-Royce Solutions Japan has installed and commissioned eight of the 31 container gen-sets, with the remaining gen-sets to be gradually added as the data center’s capacity increases. Based on 20-cylinder mtu Series 4000 engines, the compact containers include the engine with generator, a switchgear – including the mtu EnergetIQ control and monitoring system – and all the necessary connections and supply systems.

According to Rolls-Royce, mtu Series 4000 gen-sets can provide full electrical power within seconds in the case of an emergency – whether synchronized to the grid, to another power source or to other gen-sets in parallel. They are able to accept extremely high load steps without having significant frequency and voltage deviations and sacrificing power quality, the company added.

The fully redundant mtu EnergetIQ Manager used at the Osaka facility monitors both incoming grid connections and the status of all generators within the plant. It starts the emergency diesel generators in the event of a grid failure, regulates the supply of electricity to consumers and ensures that the load is transferred back to the grid and the generators stopped when the grid is stable again, Rolls-Royce explained.

The EnergetIQ Manager is part of the new automation ecosystem mtu EnergetIQ. It can control groups of power generation and storage facilities, as well as power distribution from power generation to consumer, said Rolls-Royce.

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